Paeral Aromatherapy Diffuser – Glass – Beech Wood


An Artful Aromatherapy

This Aromatherapy Diffuser lets you breathe in your favorite aromas and looks eye-catching while setting the scene. Doubling as decor and a diffuser, this piece will elevate your space in minutes.

Includes: 1 diffuser with no essential oil
Material: Glass, beech wood
Uses: Aromatherapy, diffuser, decorations, trinkets, unique gifts, etc.



It makes of natural wood and handmade glass. The texture of the wood base is different because of using natural wood. the diffuser is Unique and beautiful.This diffuser has the function of timing. It will auto-off after running in any intensity for 2 hours

  • Add essential oils directly, physical diffusion without heating and water
  • Two intermittent modes (120s on-120s off; 120s on-60s off)
  • There is a warning light when the aroma diffuser is working.


Please read the manual carefully before using the essential oil diffuser.

Please notice the texture of the wood base of each is different because of using natural wood Please use 100% pure essential oil.

Please do not add water, carrier oil.

Please don’t use thick essential oils undiluted by alcohol as the nozzle will be clogged. please don’t mix different essential oils. Before replacing different essential oils please use the following method to clean the glass reservoir.

The fine mist of this diffuser can only be seen under illumination and is suitable for small spaces. You can use your phone flashlight to verify whether there is a mist or not.