U Shape Candle Holder Double Candlestick Holder


U shape concrete double candlestick holder

H 8cm x W 6cm

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U shape concrete double candlestick holder

This products is handmade and therefore there might be small air bubbles and a slight colour difference due to the natural materials being used.

Whether it’s on your dresser, bedside or desk, get set to keep all of your special pieces safe.

Avoid harsh cleaning products & scrubbing as this may alter the surface of the product.

Each piece is mixed, poured, sanded & sealed by hand.

As mentioned before air bubbles naturally occur in stone mixes and they are not considered a fault, but a unique feature.

I seal them against light stains and humidity, but we don’t recommend them to be displayed in a high humidity environment or used with fresh flowers.

Care of your produces

Wipe up any spills quickly using a soft cloth.

Avoid the use of aggressive scrubbing pads or abrasive cleaners.

Do not use it with food.

Do not expose to high heat or direct sunlight.

Do not wash in Dishwasher or use in a microwave.

If dropped, it will shatter into pieces.